Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Why did you tell the Judge that?

B-Dub reported for trial assignment the day before trial. There weren't enough judges for all the cases that were ready, so the assigning judge asked who had cases close to settlement. To B-Dub's amazement (and mine), the opposing attorney told the judge our case was nearly settled. (See my older post called "Why don't I stop preparing my case for trial so I can get yours ready for you.")

Now, this is not THAT unusual. So, you might be wondering why it is noteworthy...

Because the two-faced, lying attorney who reported the case settled REFUSED TO MAKE ANY SORT OF SETTLEMENT OFFER at anytime during the litigation on a clear case of liability on his client's part. (Not to mention prepare his own __________ case for trial!)

When B-Dub returned to the office and told me what happened, he told me they scheduled the case for a settlement conference instead. I was pissed beyond pissed at that point because:

(1) I had been working my _____ off for two months because the moron before me knew only how to screw things up;

(2) I had been working excruciatingly long hours getting everything ready while he was in Florida the two weeks immediately preceeding trial; and

(3) MOST IMPORTANTLY, I suggested a settlement conference to force the other attorney to put some money on the table in good faith ON MY FIRST DAY AT THE FIRM BEFORE I HAD REVIEWED ANYTHING IN THE FILE! (Negotiating in good faith is required by state law.)

So then it was off to the races to reschedule the cop, our experts and witnesses (some of which were out of the state).

Now, it's not B-Dub's fault the case didn't go to trial, but come on people, listen to me in the first place and these things won't happen. THAT, my friends, is not only a hard lesson to learn, it's impossible to teach!

One day, everyone will gain a sense of intellegence and make me their queen. Until then, I will nag and throw out the "I told you so"s like the gracious awesomeness that I am. 


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  1. I have a movie for you to watch - Idiocracy...