Wednesday, November 24, 2010

More work Secretary X doesn't want to do...

DISCLAIMER: This one isn't funny. I'm just venting.

Secretary X, as I am sure you have gathered, is one of the most lazy people I've met. In this economy, I would BEG to pick up paperclips if that was the job available. It astonishes me that she continually is so creative in the ways she tries to avoid, compress or eliminate the work required of her job. Don't get me wrong, it doesn't go unnoticed - it goes unDEALT with.

For you managers out there (especially TDH), who will say that it's possible these issues are getting dealt with behind closed doors - YOU'RE WRONG!  I'd like you to know that I have had very candid conversations with B-Dub and he has given me the overview of her good and bad "attributes," and exactly what her history of conduct and discipline has been. He's even gone so far to tell me that when he took her in after everyone in the office wanted her fired, he told her he expected she would be fired within the month. Well, that was two years ago. Everyone still can't stand her, but the story is that they have had a string of terrible secretaries, and at least she shows up to work.

Her latest "get out of work free card" was used on going paperless. She seems to think that scanning everything will negate the need to file the hard copies we receive in the mail. I tried to explain to her that it is actually an extra step, not a replacement step and that she needs to just do her work.

She also doesn't want to file emails (yes, she doesn't want to print emails - per an earlier post - AND she doesn't want to file them). Instead she thinks we should just save them electronically. Uh, HELLO McFLY, that would still be work you refuse to do yourself.

Utterly frustrated...

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