Monday, October 1, 2012


Thank you everyone for your kind emails.  I have had a crazy few months and have somewhat abandoned this blog for lack of time.  This won't be a funny post (I'm in a bit of a hurry), but should be pretty unbelievable to some of you (so, it's worth a quick read).

Life at the office has been crazy!  My litigation team is stable, but the rest of the office... well, the stories could be made into a docudrama.  Seriously. 

Here is a short run-down of events:

One of the attorneys (we'll call him BatCrazy) was having an office relationship with Psycho Paralegal.  Psycho Paralegal quit recently.  Since starting with the firm, BatCrazy was arrested many times, constantly missing court appearances and deadlines.  (Did I mention he was also on meds/ drugs?)  After a recent arrest, he ordered a gun online illegally "for a friend."  The firm fired him.  He broke into the office and went through unlocked computers and did unmentionable things in peoples' offices.  And then he was arrested again (for other things).  Then they took his keys.  (Yep, breaking into the office is just taking it too far.)

With the unrest in the office, everyone is looking for other jobs and people are dropping like flies.  They aren't hiring new people to fill in for the four people that left so far.  So, everyone is running along smoothly (NOT!).  It's only a matter of time before the firm crumbles.  I am planning to stick it out myself right now.  Hysteria breeds hysteria, so I won't join that party yet. 

I hope everyone is doing well!