About Me

Superlegal is a mid-sized law firm superhero with powers aplenty.  
(Aren't all paralegals superheros of sorts?)

Superpower:  Treading through the attitudes of coworkers with brilliant grace, and rescuing the world from the misdeeds of lawyers and their staff.

Vulnerability: Unpreparedness

Archnemesis: Secretary X

Superhero training:
  1. Specially trained in developing strategies to deal with attitudes of coworkers;
  2. Arriving to correct misapplied legal principals before the crime has been committed; and
  3. Posing for good photographs (helps tremendously in merchandising).
    1. Laser mouse contact to permanently damage the enemy's eye(s);
    2. Create possibility to accommodate lawyers' impossible commands;
    3. Stress fuels ability to function in high-impact situations;
    4. Body created to deflect disrespectful and inappropriate comments by coworkers;
    5. Powered through accomplishment and requires only minimal food, drink and caffeine; and
    6. Resourceful to find transportation by train, bus, or car when conditions are not optimal for flight.
    1. Late evening work (powers are strongest in the early hours);
    2. Power must be re-fueled through regular vacation; and
    3. Hiding opinions when there is an obvious legal wrong-doing.