Monday, November 22, 2010

Super (dumb) questions from JD, The Law Man

1. He asked Secretary X for a sample dismissal order. I guess typing "The parties having settled all claims, the Court being fully advised, this matter is hereby dismissed." is way too much for him. I can't wait until the case gets dismissed for want of prosecution because he doesn't know you need a dismissal order AND a general judgment!

2. He also asked Secretary X today how to schedule a telephonic deposition. He wondered if he needed to schedule a court reporter. GEEZ! I guess everyone will just agree at trial about what the deponent said for impeachment purposes. I really can't wait for the inevitable question: Transcript? What's a transcript?

Attention law schools: please teach these baby lawyers something useful, like how to practice law!

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  1. You really should just go back to school and get your law degree...