Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Casual Fridays

Listen up, you rule makers!

Casual Friday is one way you can pep up your employees after dealing with your crap all week. Believe me, we don't enjoy standing out in the cold, freezing our you-know-whats off just so we can look nice for you. We do it because it's a requirement of the job, and we don't want to hear more complaining from you than we already ignore.

I shared an elevator trip with Mean Partner one time on a Friday (probably about my fourth Friday with the firm). The awkward  silence was unbearable. So I made small talk - wrong move! I was obviously out of my mind that afternoon because I asked him where his jeans were. I am surprised the smoke detectors didn't shut down the elevator right then because his head turned bright red, and smoke started pouring out of his ears. He said the firm doesn't have a Casual Friday policy and that you would never see attorneys in jeans. (Which is total BS because everyone in that office wears jeans except him!).

I just said to him, "Aren't I embarrassed in my jeans." He told me that if I was comfortable enough wearing them to the office, more power to me. Seriously?! How about if you're comfortable enough wearing that mismatched all-sorts-of-ugly outfit, more power to YOU!

I wore a dress last Friday and we shared an elevator ride at the end of the day.  He asked why I wasn't wearing jeans. I told him I dressed up just for him. Silence. A win!

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  1. You, and your blog, are hilarious! (Your Momma!)