Monday, December 19, 2011


I saw this picture recently and was so touched. What perspective we all lack at times!  I have been one of those shoppers, I hate to admit.  I am always stressed to the max, whether it be due to work load or my chaotic schedule. I stress out at the holidays because I may not get the perfect gift for someone, or I may not send enough Christmas cards, or I might not clean our house in time for the next holiday party. How ridiculous those stresses are when, half way around the world, another mom stresses about feeding her children, or a six year old orphan stresses about feeding his younger siblings.

I am grateful to know some friends that are adopting from Ethiopia. They don't have a lot of money, but they are rich in love and perspective. They are working with a non-profit foundation to raise money so that they can complete their adoption of TWO children so that a set of siblings doesn't have to be split up. What mighty hearts and faith they have!

The adoption costs $30,000. They have raised some of the money through sponsored community projects (like restoring a widow's yard after years of neglect necessitated by the widow's husband's failing health).  They could really use some help. They are coming up on a deadline to have 75% of the money, and they are only $1,300 short. If any of my dear readers could find it in their hearts to help a couple beyond needy children, please do so. Every dollar helps, and every dollar is 100% TAX DEDUCTIBLE!  If each of my readers donated just $10, they would have more than enough to meet their deadline.

For those of you who might be worried about a scam, I assure you that I personally know this family and they have the purest of intentions.  My husband and I have supported their efforts, volunteering for their fundraiser.  The money is donated through a reputable non-profit organization and they don't touch a penny of the money themselves.

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  1. I will give $10... it seems like so little to help such a worthy cause. Surely, others can spare a couple of lattes to bring two children what they need most~ parents who have chosen to love them?


  2. Ellen T. WrightDecember 20, 2011

    I can't give-not because I don't want to, but because I have my own battles to face. I will tell you this-I have been to Ethiopia and I have personally seen these children sleeping in doorways. They are thrown out of their homes because parents have died from AIDS, famine, malaria, or any number of other reasons, and relatives cannot afford to feed them. They literally have nothing but the clothes on their backs-and no shoes. The shopkeepers kick them aside like dogs when they come to open the shops. If they're lucky, they'll give them a job and pay them a few cents or feed them. If not, they'll just get beaten, raped, or worse.

    Whenever I think about having problems, I think about meeting a girl coming here from Ethiopia for surgery. When Hannah got off the jet, she had everything she owned in a small backpack-and it wasn't even half full.

    It was an eye and heart opening experience.

  3. @Mom: Thanks!

    @Ellen: That is a great story to share. People often wonder why we go beyond our borders when there are so many suffering at home. That is exactly why. I wish you the best in whatever battles you are working through.