Thursday, November 18, 2010

Priorities, priorities!

I think rule #1 in law school or paralegal school is: Don't do your trial prep if the filing isn't up to date.

With two weeks to go, I reminded Secretary X how important it is to have the filing current for trial prep and gave her ONE WEEK to do it (a 15 minute job). (She was about TWO MONTHS behind on the filing.)

The DAY BEFORE TRIAL, I noticed there were still things missing that should have been in the file.

When I AGAIN asked her to update the filing (the day before TRIAL) and reminded her how important it was to get it done ASAP, out came the evil, hide under your bed and pull in your extremities attitude. She told me she would have no time to do it that day.

Are you kidding me? What's more important than this firm's ONLY case going to trial TOMORROW?
Wait, I forgot, everyone in the office is there to assist her and ensure she feels warm fuzzies about being SO overworked.

NOTE TO SELF: Be sure to respect Secretary's precious time and don't impose any work on her schedule, which is already filled with the ever-consuming NOTHING!


  1. From now on, when she argues, put your head down on her desk. Maybe raise the thumb?


  2. For sure- which ever desk is closest!