Monday, November 29, 2010

Imagine my surprise when Secretary X almost assisted me - ALMOST!

I asked Secretary X for a copy of something last week and she hopped right up to go find it. My chair was so surprised, it tipped right over and knocked me on the floor.

She found what I was looking for and headed to the copy room. The Twilight Zone theme song resonated.

Cruise Director was at the copy machine. Secretary X asked Cruise Director if she had managed to get the copy machine to work. I asked them what was wrong with it (because Cruise Director was scanning documents just fine). They both huffed a big attitude and explained how Receptionist said she was too busy to replace the toner, which they emphatically emphasized was HER JOB!

I told them it was no biggy, and I would replace the toner [insert favorite super hero music here].  Looks of disgust and sounds of crickets filled the closet of a copy room. Really? You can't spend 2 minutes to change the toner, and it's so foreign for me to help out?

For a few minutes, all the bureaucracy saturated my head and I began to think I worked for the government. Then, I realized I didn't have very good benefits and was contented knowing I wasn't a slave to the man. Whew!

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