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  1. Hi there, Superparalegal! I stumbled unto your blog while looking for information on the paralegal profession. I'm currently a stay-at-home-mom looking to re-enter the workplace while also trying to pull off a career change (I was in the financial industry in my past life). I'd like to ask you a couple of questions, if you don't mind. I have two small children at home, and so: How are the working hours? I've been reading in this here blog that you sometimes work weekends? How late do you have to stay during the week? How many hours a week, on average, do you work? How do you feel about the life/work balance? Is it a high-stress job? Are you assigned to work with (mostly or exclusively) one lawyer? I have more questions, but I don't want to overwhelm you (just yet =) Thanks is advance!

  2. Indy: Thanks for reading. I posted a topic just for you: I hope that helps. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

  3. I just found your blog and OMG - I was laughing out loud at work!!! Thanks for posting this!!!

  4. HDK: Thanks so much for reading! Misery truly loves company, so please keep reading!

  5. Hey Superlegal---ever watch 'The Good Wife?'

  6. I did try watching the The Good Wife, but never was very interested.

  7. Love the wry sense of humor! You make a welcome comic relief to the paralegal blogosphere. :>
    Sami Hartsfield

  8. Hi Superlegal,
    I also found your blog researching the paralegal field. I have some questions that I need answered in order to enter school. However, when I try to contact local lawyers they will not return my call. I'm hopin you can help me or point me in the right direction. Below is a list of questions I need to interview someone and ask:
    Name of company, person, address, phone, and title
    2. Does the person interviewed hire and fire for the job?
    3. Does the person perform a paralegal job
    4. Is the company currently hiring paralegals
    5. What are entry level requirements
    6. Entry level wage
    7. Typical benefits
    8. job duties
    9. Best way to gain knowledge
    10. Turnover rate....estimate
    11. Growth and advancement opportunities
    12. Drawbacks

  9. Hello! Looks like it has been awhile since anyone posted... hoping you will still see this! I am very interested in becoming a paralegal... I have my BA in Business and worked in Insurance Auto Claims for the past 6 years. I want to pursue the paralegal profession, but I am not sure the best educational path to take. I know I could just get a certificate, but I am think maybe an associates degree would be better. The University near me that offers a BA in paralegal is far more expensive than the community college that offers the associates degree.

    My thought is that the Associates would be better than a certificate... and the Bachelors (at the higher expense) might not be necessary since I already have a Bachelors degree. Can you lend your thoughts on this?

    Thanks so much! Greatly appreciated!