Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Associate's potential bar complaint

Well, it has happened again. I try to explain the right way to do things, apropriately contradicting the majority, but they refuse to listen.

This time, Secretary X and Associate tried to execute on a judgment in another state. They generally followed procedure, except they didn't hire a pro hac vice attorney licensed in that state.

You see, you can not practice law in a state where you are not licensed.  It's illegal and you can get in big trouble, or disbarred. Instead, you hire an attorney in the state you need to practice in and ask for special arrangements from that state's bar association to practice under the local attorney for that case only.

I've done this many times. I tried to explain this to them, but they both insisted that it was a different procedure when you are registering a judgment. So she signed all these pleadings and filed them in another state (with Secretary's brilliant assistance - not mine). The local sheriff seized hundreds of thousands of dollars in assets in the last couple days.

Surprise, surprise, rich debtor guy lawyers-up when they boot his 2008 Bentley and freeze his bank accounts. That lawyer then contacted Associate and demanded they release the asset hold. Next thing, Associate and Secretary X end up in a closed-door hour-long marathon with B-Dub.

I imagine a bar complaint against Associate is forthcoming.

Come on people! When will you learn to listen?

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