Thursday, April 7, 2011

Awesomeness, Part VII: Reasons to embrace your awesome haters and hate-mail

I have reached another thrilling milestone. I have hate-mail!! Yippee!!

Y'all may have noticed a recent post by a reader in response to my post entitled "Dear JD: What exactly did you learn in law school?"

The hate-mail comment read:

Fort Worth 8L said...
Perhaps if you werent's so full of yourself, you could see that you also have issues. For instance, you misspelled "dilute." It only has one "l." If JD has just passed the bar, it is quite likely that they never taught him to use the acronym LR for local rule in law school. Our local highly rated law school factory is pretty academic and plus we don't use LR in Texas. We have local rules but refer to them differently.
April 7, 2011 12:37 PM

Now, before you all go hatin' on the hater, you need to understand why I appreciate his/her comment. Here are the reasons haters and hate-mail are awesome:

1. It means people who don't know you want to read the crap you write, even though they hate it.

2.  Haters like Fort Worth, who is likely a lawyer since he/she didn't defend the Paralegal profession, don't realize that they are carrying on the oppressive behaviors I am criticizing behind closed doors because it's not allowed in the office.

3. Forth Worth blindly criticizes me without knowing that typos happen, likely because the only time I can blog is on my two hour commute each day on public transportation on my "smart phone" with the great unwashed. Isn't it awesome that s/he's jumping to conclusions just for me? (So sweet!) Maybe I'll start incorporating tyops just for him/her. (Oops, I did it again!)

4. Haters are good for laughs sometimes because they don't read the other crap I've been dealing with and make uninformed comments without reading my whole blog. Just so y'all know, JD has been licensed for several years and "practicing" for almost a year. The fact that he hasn't looked at our local court rules is indicative of his incompetence, and likely why he couldn't find a real lawyer job.  Further, we aren't in Texas, Todo, and we do use LR all the time here.

5. Haters get to pass judgment on others. Haters, afterall, are so awesome they are above everyone else. Again, s/he's probably is an attorney, so s/he's used to exuding his/her awesomeness everywhere.

6. They give us great blog topics!

Well, I have a big smile on my face. At last, ladies and gentlemen, we paralegals get to speak out against the collective group of attorneys we work for.

For you, Fort Worth: Yee Haw!!


  1. Corporate ParalegalApril 08, 2011

    Sorry...I can't resist.

    Hey Fort Worth: Before you start correcting spelling, you may want to check your own grammar.

    "local highly rated law school" You are missing a hyphen between highly and rated. In this instance, highly and rated are used together to modify the noun (school). Unless you are telling us that your law school is which case I would like an application, please.

    P.S. I am sure my post is full of spelling and punctuation errors but after spending the last week cleaning up after my attorneys, I don't feel like being perfect in my punctuation (although my alliteration seems to be on point).

  2. Somehow I've avoided hate mail. Perhaps the general mean-spirited curmudgeonliness of my blog scares those people away.

  3. @CorpPara: Nicely put. I forgot to add how awesome it is when the typo critics incorporate typos into their own critiques.

    @Grumpy: Hopefully you won't ever get hate mail from whacked-out attorneys who don't understand the bullying needs to stop, or at least stop at the office.