Monday, December 5, 2011


Law firms have an interesting dynamic that I have never understood, quite frankly.  Once the person with the focus of negativity in an office is gone, staffers (women in particular) pounce on their next target.

I couldn't believe it. Once Secretary X left, staff and attorneys chose their next target and started picking away at her. What is wrong with people?  I'd like to say I'm surprised, but frankly, I'm not. In the many years

I have worked in an office, that pattern never fails to repeat. It is sad.

I try to stick-up for the person, but once you defend someone, you're out of the clique. You can't defend someone if you're not hearing it yourself.

This topic has been touched on by a lot of bloggers. Bullying is a huge problem at law firms. People are more interested in making themselves look good than helping a coworker to bring the team success. People trample the little guy to make that happen, without due regard for the effect of their actions. 

If you find yourself in your firm's bullying clique, please be cautious about what you say and do. Remember that you will look and feel better if you assist in success instead of provoking failure.

For those of you who are taking the bullying, try to stay strong. They do not understand how their actions and words effect you. Return kindness and believe in yourself and your work. Persevere!

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