Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Awesome blog to check out: A Paralegal's Life

Grumpy Humbug writes this fantastic blog. She's witty, charming and realistic. Check her out at http://aparalegalslife.blogspot.com/

Here is her self-written blog summary:
"Tales from the BigLaw trenches.  This is a humorous and sarcastic blog written by a paralegal in a mid-sized law firm in a mid-tier market. The goal is to share some of the pitfalls and foibles encountered in my own day-to-day experiences."

Thank you, Grumpy for all your blogging! I'm sure I'm not the only one who enjoys reading. Keep on keepin' on!


  1. Appreciate the compliments, except for one thing. I'm a guy. Easy mistake to make, there aren't many of us in this profession.

  2. Whew! I was all like, "GH is a GIRL?" Man, I totally missed that! Whew. I live for new posts from GH and Space Monkey...SM is also a guy...um, right?

  3. @Grumpy: I'm SOOOOOO sorry. Yikes, I am a fabulous shade of maroon!! Won't be makin' that mistake again!!

    @Lynne: There are so many blogs out there, aren't there? I love reading them all! It sure helps the days go by, and leaves me knowing I'm not alone in the law office insanity!

  4. No worries. Being a male Paralegal is a lot like being a male Nurse. Plus, both professions deal with crap all day.

  5. Lynne- SM is a guy too. You are safe :)

    Paralegal Hell