Monday, February 14, 2011

Potluck today

Cruise Director sent an email last week (to staff only) that everyone was to bring a potluck dish for our Valentine's Day potluck to welcome our new file clerk.

My thoughts:

(1) Why does the staff have to provide food for the whole office? Don't we slave away enough at the office not to have to slave away in the kitchen too?

(2) Why don't attorneys have to bring something? I thought if you don't bring something to a potluck, you don't eat. Oh, they ate. Most of them hidden away in their offices so as not to come in contact with the lowly staff.

(3) If you're having a "get-to-know [insert name here] potluck," shouldn't that person eat with the whole group for more than 2 minutes? Apparently, according to new File Clerk, that's not true.

(4) How do you react when the staff and Mean Partner debate Justin Beiber's appeal? Thanks to Mean Partner's interest in the Grammys, he is now fully in the know and eager to share his knowledge of current pop culture. (Don't you dare tell him he's wrong!)

(Secretary X ignored invitations to enjoy lunch (without acknowledgement)) Me, no, I'm not surprised.


  1. I want to have lunch with Mean Partner. - TDH

  2. You would! "Happy Valentines Day, Superlegal. I want to spend time with Mean Partner." BLAH!!!!