Monday, February 14, 2011

The day I went crazy and saved Secretary X from getting fired

Last Friday, Secretary X was in a particularly bad mood, as she had been all week. She repeatedly started sentences "As I told you before..."

She got really pissed at me Friday after I asked her to reschedule a deposition per Associate's instructions. Then B-Dub decided in the same conversation that he didn't want to reschedule it. In total, this was a ten second exchange, and I was simply the messenger. She did no work in that time, as we were all discussing a course of action. 

She later told me she was pissed that I "tried to get her in trouble." How those dots connect is beyond me. I told her I was just relaying what Associate told me to tell her and that her problem lies with Associate if it bothers her. Associate later told me Secretary came to her complaining about the same situation. Associate told her to suck it up and not bother her with immature banter. (Way to go, Associate.)

Associate told me she was going to talk with B-Dub to have her fired because she knows how aweful Secretary has been treating me and she wasn't going to stand for it.

I told her not to fire her on my account, because I'm going to ignore it. I explained that this was probably coming from outside sources in her life and I would hope for the same slack if I was having a bad cycle. I told her I would talk with her if it started to really bother me.

She agreed not to talk with B-Dub, but that she would be monitoring the situation.

Hopefully, this weekend provided her ample cool off time to save her job. My efforts will likely not go far much longer.

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