Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Secretary X assigns B-Dub her work

Secretary X came to me at the end of the day and asked if I put two "heavy" packages in the outgoing mail bin. (They were one inch thick.) I told her I did. Thereafter, I was the cornered recipient of the following rage:

The post office removed all the mailboxes on our block. So now, the person who takes the mail must walk three blocks away. Her bus stop is right by the mailbox, so she always gets stuck taking the mail. Now, this was not a problem until we started having all these very heavy packages, but that happens daily now and she "can't keep doing this." She said she "is just going to have to ASSIGN that job to B-Dub because he drives, so he can just circle around the block."

I told her "Good luck!"

That chick has abnormally large balls to suggest that a partner handle her work. I soooo wish I could have heard that conversation. But hey, at least I'm not part of that food chain for this Secretary X issue!

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