Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Receptionist refuses to take names

The receptionist, for some unknown reason, refuses to ask callers' names. She just passes the callers along without introduction and expects us to drop what we're doing to find out what case they are calling about, and what attorney or paralegal or secretary should handle the call.

Today, Secretary X was complaining that it caused major issues because an attorney called for a conference call at the wrong time, which snowballed into issue after issue.

No, that was not a typo. SECRETARY X was complaining about someone not fulfilling their job description. 

Thoughts that came to mind:
1.  Takes one to know one.
2.  Pot calling the kettle lazy.
3.  Go drink a tall glass of grow the ________ up and ask the caller yourself. You're not that far off from being a receptionist.
4.  When I wish upon a star, my wishes come true.
5.  Payback's a _________.
6.  Cocktail, anyone?
7.  Is she STILL talking?
8.  Do you think she would notice/ stop yammering on if I ran back to my desk and got some popcorn for this show?
9.  Karma's a ________.
10.  What's her name again, and why is she talking to me?  And why am I still listening?
11. She's wasting my air.


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