Tuesday, January 4, 2011

B-Dub's meeting that almost saved the Lawfirm Kingdom from the mean insurance company...

One morning, B-Dub wrote a fancy memo about how important it is to write books for insurance companies who pay our bill. The books (aka "status reports") do nothing to further the case along. They are a summary of the file we get FROM the insurance company so they don't have to read their own file. (Ever wonder where your premiums are spent? A report costs about $2,000-3,000.)

The big mean insurance company, who pays the big law firm's bill, sent a magical email to B-Dub sprinkled with pixie dust and warned B-Dub of the gloom that would fall upon the Kingdom of Lawfirm should they not get the reports faster from the Lawfirm Kingdom. Riddled with fear, B-Dub called a "Very Important Meeting" to emphasize the importance of the books/reports. All the little minions of Lawfirm Kingdom swarmed around B-Dub in interest and awe at his infinite wisdom. "Speach, speach, speach," they all demanded.

B-Dub gifted to them his words of wisdom. They all asked questions and participated in boosting B-Dub's ego. All of them, except one minion who saw through all the mysticism (yours truly). Not one word left my lips.

A "well-spent" hour later, everyone left the meeting with a renewed sense of the reports' importance and powers. I left the meeting with one hour less of my life.


  1. Gee...sounds familiar. A total waste of time while someone bloviates about how smart they are. My guess is, not a damn thing will change with the firm's practice, and the carrier will continue to spew b.s. to make themselves feel better about dropping a lot of cash on uneducated, incompetent puppies out of law school who don't know what they are doing. Typical insurance defnse rubbish. No wonder their baby lawyers never obtain real training.

  2. Yep. Secretary X and I were discussing it later. She was of the same opinion that these meetings (1) accomplish nothing; (2) waste a ton of time; and (3) only make B-Dub feel better.

    All too familiar indeed..