Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy Birthday, Secretary X

My husband and I planned to go to lunch together today. I was so excited because it's been a rare occassion lately, and we haven't spent much time together recently (even though he works across the street, oh, and we LIVE TOGETHER -my fault, not his). Our schedules at work have been such that we just haven't seen/talked much.

So, we were making awesome plans to have a nice sit down lunch out, and BAM! Secretary X strikes again! I get an email that we are all REQUIRED to attend a pizza lunch birthday party to celebrate Secretary X's existence. I got the email 15 minutes before I was supposed to leave.

I was bummed, not only because I wanted to see TDH, but I am not a big fan of pizza.

I was going to attend the drone's soiree and not eat, then leave for a real lunch, but TDH's schedule was too tight. So, devastated (bring on the violins), I drug myself to the "party."

Everyone arrived in the kitchen and we all waited, and waited, and waited, and waited.... for Secretary X to show up. Someone finally piped up and said she had gone downstairs to meet her daughter to pick-up a laptop bag.

She showed up 20 minutes late to her OWN party and said, "You guys didn't have to wait for me." Are you kidding me? Then she moaned about having to eat all alone because we all had to get back to work (you know, the stuff I'm forced to do against my will).

Lesson: throw knives and don't miss, or the idiots are likely to strike again, or worse, procreate.

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