Thursday, January 20, 2011

OMG, there ARE people more full of themselves than me!

I went to a lunch CLE (seminar) on ethics today. They spoke about Ethics for about half the time.  The other was filled as follows:

Person 1:  Explained how she was a board member of a local historical society and they are "honoring" her with a "tribute" display of her "memorabilia." She went on to explain that she was in many, many movies with "big" actors (and named EVERY MOVIE -- like 30 of them). She also talked about how she overheard someone visiting her tribute say "[Ego Chick] sure was something!" She name dropped about half a million celebs. She ended her speach by plugging her agent and introducing her "driver" and photographer. She is now a Paralegal.

Later, other paralegals gloated about how impressive their resumes are and how they are Very Important People.

When I asked a question about one of the topics, some weird chick with a terrible haircut spoke up to tell us every detail of her case management system and how she routinely CYAs herself by having email approvals for everything she does. SERIOUSLY?  People with real caseloads, who actually accomplish more than applying bureaucratic red tape don't have the time to do that crap and it PISSES PEOPLE OFF (including yours truly, who had to listen to that BS). Not to mention, most bosses refuse to read/respond to email.

I've been to other CLEs by the speakers and they have good and valuable information to share. Because of the time it took to listen to the aforementioned, they didn't have enough time to finish all their material. Ugh!

At least I know I would be no better off at another firm, and quite possibly, it would be worse.

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