Thursday, January 13, 2011

Projectiles and horse sounds

Five weeks ago, Secretary X was told to schedule depositions within 60 days. The way that happens is, she is given a status report with a note to schedule them. I needed to send another report today and she still hadn't done it. I gave her the finished report with another note to schedule them. She told me she "already knew [she] was supposed to do it." I said "Huh."  --Like you could have fooled me because it's not done!

That inspired a huge attitude and melt down. Her desk is located centrally outside B-Dub and Associate's desk. She threw the report up in the air and made this huge exaggerated blown-lips horse sound. Everyone looked up for a brief second (likely to make sure nothing was flying at their head), then looked back down and continued working. I luckily made it back to my desk around the corner without being the target of any projectiles.

1 comment:

  1. This moron is going to really screw-up pretty soon. You're going to find yourselves in a major problem when opposing attorneys' schedules do not accomodate last minute depos. The Court Reporter will charge a premium for providing a transcript on short notice (the tight-wad carrier is going to love that). Presiding Judge won't be sympathetic either. Sounds like her boss (whoever the heck that is)needs to man-up and deal with this woman. [YIKES]