Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Searches that found Superlegal Fun

"Creative Legal Blog"

Google thinks I am creative. Thanks, Google!

"Should I become a paralegal before law school"

Yes. Please be informed about the dark side before taking THAT leap.

"is it fun to be a paralegal?"

Sometimes. Especially when you make games out of it, and prank people often. Those are key components to having fun as a Paralegal.

"what should i know befor tring tobecome a paralegal"

English - grammar and spelling.

"don't take your children to work day"


"fun secretary"

Where? I'll take one, please.

"i could bring her"

I guess, but you'll have to bring an extra tequilla bottle.

"is it worth it to become a paralegal"

Worth what? Money? No. Getting thrown under the bus? No. Meeting people who know which other firms not to work for? Priceless.

"what is the job security for secretaries?"

Excellent. In my firm, there is nothing you can do to get fired.

"Secretary on a copier"

Do tell...

"Bitter lawyer"


"most fun Paralegal"

Thanks, searcher. I was hoping you would find me funny.

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