Friday, March 25, 2011

TDH's Genius Office Prank

1.  Make a screen shot with no windows open.

2. Make the screen shot the background on the desktop.
3. Hide all icons and the task bar ("start" bar).

The person using the computer will click on the background photo, thinking the picture of the icons are actually buttons.  They will restart their computer over and over.  They will not be able to fix it.



  1. I Like these pranks. Very funny. April Fool s day is a day of fun and laughs and what would be far better than having a beautiful meal to go with it. Fie example, sponge cake. I found a lot of great pranks and jokes on be the first to yell April Fool!

  2. Ahh, yes. April Fools Day. This must be the day for all the people in my office - fools!

  3. @Elizabeth: I have to admit my hubby is fairly brilliant!!