Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Awesomeness, part VI: Why my blog readers are awesome!!

I hit 2,000 page views today. This was due in large part to a surge in readers after Paralegal Hell posted my link. (Thank you Paralegal Hell!) Everyone should read her blog if you haven't. She was my inspiration to start blogging and is hilarious!! Her site is: (I also have a link on the right side of blog page.)

So, I am writing this Awesomeness Blog to you guys, my AWESOME readers!


1. You read my blog, rain or shine.

2. You have an appreciation for the crap I deal with daily because you guys deal with similar crap daily.

3. You offer awesome and brilliant prank ideas when I really need them.

4. You don't tell my boss this blog exists.

5. I know if they put us all in a room, our combined super powers would surely take over the world and cause unbelievable havoc to those who oppose us. May the power be with us!

Thank you to everyone for reading! It's so nice to be heard!!


  1. I'm helping to spread the word about your blog. :0 I've got a link on my page so more readers can find you.

    Congratulations on reaching 2000 page views!

  2. @Purple: Thanks so much! As you can see, it's mutual!!

  3. Awww! Thanks for the props! I am so glad you started your blog. You are witty, sarcastic and awesome. Just like me :)
    Congrats on the readers. Keep up the great posts.

    Paralegal Hell

  4. Yep, PH is awesome - I also have her to thank for bringing my little blog a lot of attention. You're on my blogroll - thanks for bringing another honest take on being a paralegal! :) Congrats on the page views!

  5. @Momalegal: I think we all need the peer support after the crap we deal with. I'm so happy to be amongst y'all, you're a great group. Also, I like reading about everyone else dealing with the same thing. :0)

  6. Yay!! That's an important milestone for a new blogger! It's also great to see such enthusiasm in the blawgosphere when so many bloggers are waning.

    Thanks for linking to me and I've made sure you're on my blogroll over at Law Actually! ;-)

    Here's to your 10,000 hits milestone - I'm sure it won't be long!