Monday, December 20, 2010

Update: "Then don't ak for my opinion and waste my time!"

This is an update to my November 15, 2010 post entitled "Then don't ask for my opinion and waste my time!" It's worth (re)reading. Link:

Today, I overheard Secretary X on the phone arguing with the court clerk about the fees required for her motion - the same fee I explained was necessary long ago, and which she argued was NOT necessary. Her conversation with the clerk was 10 minutes long. ONE FEE requires a 10 minute conversation. Of course she was successful in arguing legislature reform with a government employee. Government rules and bureacracy are absolutely negotiable. She probably wasted the equivilent amount in tax dollars arguing about the fee as the state actually makes by collecting the fee. At least our tax dollars are hard at work, right?! She explained "in all (her) years of experience (all FOUR of them) she has NEVER had to send in those fees." I guess that confirms she hasn't done it right in YEARS. The conversation ended when she finally acquiesced and decided to send in the fee.

One day, I'll discover the secret potion to make her listen and sprinkle it all over like pixie dust. Yep, that's just about as practical as holding out that the partners will magically come to the realization that she is far more trouble than she is worth.

To summarize, I was right. She doesn't know I know, but I know she knows I was right, and that's what matters most.

PS. I wonder if the tax payers would benefit from Secretary X being on unemployment rather than wasting the court tax dollars. Of course, it is hard to do a cost benefit analysis without an unemployment cap. It might help balance out the Oregon budget by deferring that expense federally, thereby forcing further debt to be owed to China. Well, it's a thought anyways.

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