Thursday, December 2, 2010

JD defends his awesomeness

Two court reporters showed up to take a deposition of OUR client at our office. Surprise, surprise, JD was the one that scheduled the extra court reporter. Unless you hear otherwise, it is ALWAYS the opposing attorney's office's job to schedule the court reporter to take the deposition of your client. This is because the person who schedules the court reporter is responsible for the bill. AND, what do you care if the opposing attorney screws up their own deposition? YOU DON'T! Let people fail, that's my motto. There are exceptions to the rule, but this case was no exception.

Now, everyone makes mistakes (JD more than others), but when you are confronted about your mistakes, under NO circumstances do you defend your decisions/actions as JD did, as follows:

1. Explain that there was nothing in writing about the other side scheduling a court reporter (though, he should have called opposing counsel if he was SO worried about it);

2. Explain to your attorney boss how awesome you are because you took [unnecessary] initiative; and

3. Tell your attorney boss they should be grateful because it's "better two court reporters were scheduled instead of none."


Happy-Go-Lucky Partner brushed it off and explained to JD the correct way to do things. He should have told him it was better to get it right than to cost the firm all the cancellation fees (that can't be billed to the client).

And the cherry on top: Passive-Aggressive Paralegal chimed in to let everyone know she had no hand in this mix-up. Awesomeness!


  1. Why are you working there?

  2. HGLP should of explained to JD "get the fuck out". - TDH

  3. Amy- When you work amongst idiots, you feel so good about your level of intelligence and maturity. Also, I get lots of fun stories to vent about!

    TDH - I agree.

  4. Oh, it's the same theory as always hanging around people that are weightier than you, so you feel less weightier. :-)

    (Is the boost to your esteem worth the loss of your sanity?) LOL.

  5. It's good entertainment to fill my time until something else comes along.