Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ain't karma grand?

Today I asked Secretary where she put the filing heap. It was moved earlier this week when her daughter was in the office doing her job for her.

She gave me this unnecessary sob story about how she "is no longer going to have any help" per the partners, and that she had to move it off her desk because it was too big.  (It seems to me that she is MY designated help, and my "help" left me to do all my own admin work by myself long ago.)

I told her she might have to start working some overtime at nights and/or on weekends like the rest of the office. Then I dropped the filing I had in my hand onto her desk and moseyed on back to my desk.

Ain't karma grand?!


  1. Lolz! - Cousin

  2. You said "left you long ago" but that implies she started to help... - tdh

  3. No kidding, TDH!