Friday, December 3, 2010

Screwing around with Associate can be so much fun!

I was preparing Associate for an arbitration the other day. I was asking her simple questions about how she liked things organized for her hearing. I could tell I was making her really uncomfortable because she didn't know the answers to the questions. I decided to ask her whether she wanted a witness copy of the exhibits (the answer is ALWAYS yes to that question, otherwise, you have to show the witness your copy with all your notes when you ask them questions). She said she didn't think that would be necessary...
Okay, so that probably wasn't a very nice thing to do, but it was SUPER funny inside my head, and why NOT have a little fun every once in a while? Right?
So I then explained to her that she actually DID need a witness copy. Thank goodness she didn't ask why I asked her that question, or I probably would have had to spill the beans about how inexperienced she is, and how much fun I have screwing with her.
Anyways, she was very gracious about it, and candidly told me this was only her second arbitration. Really? Gee, I would have never guessed.
So, because she was honest, I briefed her on how things go in the arbitration, and we did a little role playing so she would know when to hand up exhibits, how to impeach the morons you are questioning who lie, and, most importantly, what the evidence rules are with respect to arbitration hearings.
I then asked her if she wanted to include a couple specific exhibits. When she said no, I just told her "Yes you do," and went and made the exhibits. Did she really learn nothing about our little exchange?
PS. I don't want to hear "You should go to law school." I have heard that way too much. I enjoy my job as is (especially the teaching opportunities), and I want to be able to work only 50 hours per week instead of 100 hours per week, like an attorney does. Also, I have now paid off my student loans, and really don't feel like incurring $100k+ in new debt right now!


  1. Did you prepare four copies of the Complaint and Answer for her to use in drilling the opponent's witnesses(s)? Just checking on you...don't want you to start slipping! :)

  2. You know it! Actually, five. There was a codefendant.

  3. Good job, ACE...