Friday, September 30, 2011

Men are underappreciated sometimes!

We all know working moms have quite a schedule, and sometimes I think about how we are able to add a full-time work schedule to our full plates at home without dropping a single ball.

It takes a lot of determination and refusal to accept failure. In fact, failure simply isn't an option, so you make it work. I am lucky enough to have an awesome husband ("TDH") who works harder than I do to maintain our life.  Swimming upstream is so much easier with him.

Last week, TDH was out of town on business and I had the luxury of the single mom experience. I was in late to work all week because I needed to take my kids to school and daycare. So, I emailed my department at work to let everyone know. Half way through the week, I had a brief conversation with B-Dub in the elevator on our way out the door to leave for the day. After some chit chat about my week and TDH's absence, he made this comment:

"I guess it makes you realize just how much even worthless spouses contribute."

Totally caught off guard, I explained that TDH is certainly not worthless, and I recognize his value regardless of whether he is here.

Ding, the elevator opened and out I went and on my way.

B-Dub's wife is a stay-at-home mom and he is obviously a clueless father. It made me think, though, how many other fathers don't get the credit they deserve, simply because of a stereotype that the mother is to handle the "domestic" chores while the husband works (including male paralegals). I have to tell you, I think husbands are handling more and more of the chores at home without the credit they properly deserve. (Not that we moms/wives don't work super hard, just that men are not coming home from work and plopping down on the couch.)

So, to all you hard-working fathers and husbands, kudos to you! One day, you will get the recognition you deserve. I am only one wife/mother, but I know I am not the ONLY one who recognizes your hard work, commitment and value. Keep up the good work!

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  1. So true! I am a SAHM to a 5mog and my husband is absolutely awesome. He does the lion's share of the cooking and cares for Buddha baby when he's home so I can accomplish other things, like showers. He's also supporting my goal of building a home business so that we can afford for me to stay a SAHM.