Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A letter to my readers and anonymous commenters

Thank you to everyone for your supportive emails and comments.  I've also had not-so-nice comments, and one with some constructive criticism (thanks, Julie Hunt).  Throughout the week, I read all your comments and emails, and I have done a lot of thinking.

While I can usually take the hate-mail in stride, the anonymous comment that sparked my absence was unusually mean-spirited and quite frankly, made no sense to me at all (not to mention the negative follow-up comments that appear to be written by the same person). 

First, why would you read my blog if you were so put-off by my point-of-view, let alone half a dozen posts?  It seems that commenter was so personally focused on steering readers away that s/he continued to monitor and post negative comments.  Tell me, Anonymous, why do people read something (or several somethings) that makes them so prickly?  I have my blog to vent my own thoughts, please don't use my blog for your own purposes. Feel free to start your own "I hate Superlegal" blog.  I will simply avoid it, instead of posting demeaning comments.  (See, Anonymous, that's how it's done.)

Second, why would you write such things to someone who had a very bad day?  I may seem like I am a terrible person to work with, but I assure you that I am not.  Did you ever think that maybe the reason people continually ask for my help is because I am always willing to help?  I do put on my professional hat at work, which comes with a smile and a good attitude. I don't share my internal thoughts at work, I save those for my blog. 

Third, I work in a very dysfunctional law firm with people who truly don't know what they're doing.  Most of the support staff in my mid-sized firm have less than three years of legal experience (aside from myself and one other person).  It is truly frustrating that no one trains them, and everyone feels like they are experienced enough not to be trained, denying advice until it's time to clean-up a mess.  We are not even allowed to train certain people.  My firm feels that training takes away from the underlying goal, billable hours ($$$).  I keep my mouth shut, my head down, and mind my own business in the office. I know now, through other bloggers, that I am not alone in dealing with these challenges, and that others share my thoughts and frustrations. 

I thought of the commenter this last week when I encountered some jerk drivers on the road the last few days.  It is amazing to me that people cut you off, swerve around you, cut in line and run out in front of you, then hide behind their tinted window veil, knowing they will never have to speak to you or account for their actions.  I now believe that the commenter might have taken his/her mother's advice not to say anything at all if s/he met me offline (hence, the anonymous veil).

I have decided not to moderate my comments for now (though I appreciate the suggestions).  I am open to people with a variety of thoughts, whether negative or positive.  However, I suggest you post your personal email address if you want to say something negative, and ask yourself if you would say to my face the comments you post.  If you are unlikely to say your comments to my face, don't write them at all.
I would also like to encourage my readers to add themselves to my members list.  I may change my settings to only allow members to comment if I continue to get abusive hate-mail.  Also, if I choose to move to another site, I will post the forwarding information for a short time, and it will likely only be available to members (hint, hint).  If you don't want to register as a member, you can email me your email address and I will keep you updated if I move.

A special mention to one commenter:  Julie Hunt pointed-out the overall negative tone that my blog seems to have taken.  Quite frankly, I agree.  That is probably a result of my daily compounded frustration with my office.  However, I am seriously going to try to aim some of my posts more positively (they won't all be rainbows and unicorns, as PH would say, but some will focus on more positive concepts).  Julie, please email me, I'd like to interview you.  You seem like you have a great attitude, and I know you could offer some much-needed positive perspective to my blog.  Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on my blog.

To all my readers:  Thank you so much for reading.  I appreciate it, and know that most of you are supportive of my blog.  The overwhelming response I have had through comments and by email has been heartwarming, and I truly have some great readers.  I had no idea that y'all cared so much! 

I have decided I will be back, because, as Lynne DeVenny said, if I love it, I shouldn't let the haters get me down. So, if you come to my blog and don't like what I have to say, please feel free to move right along to the next blog.  I don't mind at all.  However, please don't come to my blog and violate the sense of safety I have in sharing my own thoughts.


  1. I like your blog. Keep on truckin, lady!

  2. I have no idea what that prolific Anon wrote, honey chile, but I wouldn't have signed on if you weren't good. And I'm REALLY fussy. I used to be in that "caught in the middle" never-never land of middle management myself. If you want some insight-let me know. I might still have a nugget or two lying around.

  3. Equus: Yes, of course, please email me!!

    DBDBD: Thanks!

  4. Glad you are sticking around... I love your blog. Remember that for every negative comment, there are so many more positive ones.

  5. Your blog is just that- YOURS. I deplore (and occasionally, launch literary attack against) those foolheardy enough to use their 1st Amendment rights to bash the same rights of others. It reminds me of the man who walked into a Circle K store and put a $20 bill on the counter, asking for change. The clerk gave him the $11 from the register and he fled...$9 poorer! "People Unclear on the Concept" that their rights do not supersede, override, or provide them with the authority to subdue those very same rights when being exercised by others. I applaud your 'virtual diary' of work woes; they are relatable, insightful, informative and serve to distract from the burden of the reader. Kudos to you!

    David Chambers

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