Monday, August 1, 2011

Manners, manners!!

I worked all weekend preparing for a major trial starting today. To my surprise, Passive Aggressive Paralegal also worked all weekend. I asked her if she also had a trial soon. She said she had one in September. Well, that may not be too far off, but I have THREE trials between now and then. She asked how my trial was coming along - the one that starts today. I told her there was still a lot to do, but that I would be at the office all weekend working on it. 

There is the background story. Now, y'all are not going to believe what happened next.
I needed to use the copier for exhibits, so I went to the copy room, and there she was, with a massive copy project. I asked if she would be too long. (Translation: you need to get the _______ out of my way NOW!) She said she would be a little while still. OMG, it is a good thing my vocal cords were as shocked as I was, because my inner banshee was ready to wail! I asked her to let me know when she was done. Sooooo ridiculous. When she told me she was done, I had almost given up and went to the downstairs copier.

This is the same chick that walks in to the copy room while you're opening the prongs on a file to remove a letter and cuts-in at the copier without asking. However, if you ASK to use the copier while she is reading something, forget about it. She refuses. What happened to sharing like the good little toddler she should be?
TDH tells me that the lesson there is that you should never ask to use the copier.  He's right.


  1. Sometimes I feel like good manners are a waste of time!

  2. And a waste of air.