Friday, May 25, 2012

Update: Perspective

For those of you following my good friends, Adam and Gina Echols' story, I have a happy update for you! (Click here to read my earlier blog post about them.)

Gina has been in Ethiopia for the last 9 weeks. 

The process has been nothing short of a nightmare for them!  Their boys were very sick and desparate for medical attention they couldn't get in Ethiopia.  Unfortunately, the government there is a third-world government and drug their heels in approving the adoptions.  Their diligence has paid off, however, and they received news earlier this week that they may bring the boys back to the US.  Gina will be on a plane today finally coming home with their little baby boys!

On the Echols' behalf, thank you for all your support and donations!


  1. Oh, I am excited for them! These kids typically do very well, and give back so much. The organization that I work with gets babies from the nomads that would otherwise be left out to die due to tribal beliefs. The government is very, very difficult to work with-so she's done well. I wish nothing but the best for all.

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