Thursday, April 12, 2012

Justice today may need tomorrow's perspective

While I was doing a background check on someone, I came across this photo:

I pondered the photo a little while.  The photo brings about disgust in our history and respect for those who fought so hard for what we take for granted today.   

In the 1960s, there were cheers when Martin Luther King, Jr. was arrested.  Today, the very thought of his arrest brings gasps, and his inspiring speeches bring the country's ears to attention.  We can recite his words and have memorialized his fight. 

Today, we cringe at the thought of some verdicts blindly passing as justice.  Criminals are turned free and unconscionably large civil verdicts turn citizens to fear that career claimants may victimize them next. 

Martin Luther King, Jr. taught us not to give in when you're fighting the majority, and that today's majority opinion can become tomorrow's minority opinion with persistence.  Will our blind justice bring tomorrow's intended victory for the disheartened and unjust?  In times that seem desparate and hopelessly misdirected, I hope that time's perspective will bring rationale to some of the "justice" we have today.


  1. Well said, my dear! Mom

  2. Ellen T. Wright, CRPApril 12, 2012

    You just have to keep on speaking the truth even when other people keep shouting lies.

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