Monday, January 9, 2012


Sometimes we have bad days.

Sometimes, we are bald before noon because our hair has fallen out or we yanked it out ourselves to speed up the process.

Sometimes, we distract ourselves from the nerve-pinching annoyances of our work with more work.

Sometimes, we work overtime because it is required.

Sometimes, our neighbor eats reheated seafood take-out on the one day we feel nauseous.

Sometimes, we work through illness to meet deadlines.

Sometimes, we get yelled at for no apparent reason.

Sometimes, we hate our boss, and those reasons should be apparent.

Sometimes, we commute for hours to get to an office we don't want to go to.

Sometimes, we miss our kids' functions because we can't leave work.

Sometimes, we don't see our kids' faces when we are in trial.

Sometimes, our boss doesn't give us the raise we deserve.

Sometimes, we have to skip our lunch break and work in starvation mode.

Sometimes, we work weekends and are still behind.

Sometimes, we watch the rain out our window and wish we were listening to it on our skylights at home with a warm cup of hot cocoa.

Sometimes, we get a glimpse of the sun and wish we were at the beach.

Sometimes, we forget we are thankful for employment.


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