Friday, December 2, 2011

Secretary update

It has been an interesting few weeks. I've been up to my eyebrows at work (that's deeper than up to your eyeballs, you see). I've had a couple temp-to-hire secretaries and a decision was finally made to hire the latest one. He can't start full time for a while, but good help is always worth the wait.

Okay, I did say HE (not she). While I was training him, I grilled him about the position and reinforced this is not just another stepping stone job. I don't want someone who is just using the position to advance in the firm.

He seems like a great fit, and I think he will do a great job. In the few days he's been here, he's impressed me alot.

So, there is the update.


  1. THAT is truly amazing... he IMPRESSED you? Hard, very hard, to do...

  2. I was surprised to read this thread, as I would assume you would want an ambitious person who is eager to learn and take initiative to be a legal secretary or assistant. But, I guess it can also be a pain in the butt to find new people to replace old ones..especially after you have invested so much time training them to work well with the paralegals and attorneys in the office.